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Seminars and Events
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IMPORTANT NOTE: For events at the Goethe Institute, we recommend parking on the street. The building management is now charging for parking.

                                                                  Sunday, June 29th - 2:00PM
                                                          HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY RICHARD
                                                              Location: The Chairman’s House
                                                                    (Due to scheduling we have to celebrate in June, sorry Richard.)
                                              All members are invited to participate in the
                                              event by sharing their favorite sections of
                                              Wagner’s works on audio, video, or a reading,
                                              a mini-lecture, singing, or their most
                                              memorable performance or encounter.

                                              (Contributions are to be no longer than 5 minutes. Please
                                                       submit the title and category of your contribution, when
                                                        you RSVP. We would like to create a program for the

Friday, August 22nd
After the Performance of Das Rheingold
Location: Steigenburger Restaurant
                Bayreuth Festival